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Guardians, Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Pure Emotion Atelic hovered next to Damion again. It was the third night in a row that Damion’s father had abused him. Damion lay on his bed, crying. It seemed that no matter how strong the connection, Atelic … Continue reading

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Chapter 2 The Mentor Conall watched Atelic enter the expanse. The world faded from behind him as he looked up suddenly, apparently noticing Conall hovering there for the first time. “H-hello.” Atelic looked extremely surprised. “Hello, Atelic. I’m Conall. I … Continue reading

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Guardians, Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The Birth of a Guardian Atelic stood alone in the grey expanse. His spiritual body remained situated in mere space, not physically touching anything. There was no color, no vibrant hues to see, to perceive, to sense. Words … Continue reading

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The Art of Death

The Art of Death Jason C. Derfuss     I The sirens wailed through the musty night air, frigid, desolate, and sharp like knives prickling at the skin. He could hear them growing closer as he walked, hands in his … Continue reading

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    Anonymous Jason C. Derfuss   I She lay on her bed looking at the popcorn ceiling. This seemed to be a nightly ritual for her; it was inspiration for her drawings. She saw a dog in the ceiling, … Continue reading

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