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I love writing film, poetry, short stories, and novels.

Acceptable Genocide

Acceptable Genocide   kill ‘em; kill ‘em all!   they disagree with you-S-A blow ‘em up, make ‘em pay deter the rebels; kill ‘em all!   rinse, repeat, know our name send the tanks, purge with flame torture survivors; kill … Continue reading

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Robotic Christians

I recently came across an article about “How to become a Christian.” The following section troubled me deeply: “In order to go to Heaven, the Bible says that you must repent (turn from) your sins and personally believe in Jesus as your … Continue reading

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The Importance of the Sun

 The Importance of the Sun Darkness is only temporary, a break between the Sun setting and rising again While the Sun is awake, its burning light, ambient, falls around us. We play without fear, without uncertainty until The darkness begins … Continue reading

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Guardians, Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Pure Emotion Atelic hovered next to Damion again. It was the third night in a row that Damion’s father had abused him. Damion lay on his bed, crying. It seemed that no matter how strong the connection, Atelic … Continue reading

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Chapter 2 The Mentor Conall watched Atelic enter the expanse. The world faded from behind him as he looked up suddenly, apparently noticing Conall hovering there for the first time. “H-hello.” Atelic looked extremely surprised. “Hello, Atelic. I’m Conall. I … Continue reading

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Guardians, Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The Birth of a Guardian Atelic stood alone in the grey expanse. His spiritual body remained situated in mere space, not physically touching anything. There was no color, no vibrant hues to see, to perceive, to sense. Words … Continue reading

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“Chess” A game of chess is played by two My foe he sits across from me I ponder moving, patiently An inch of might – this nasty Bee. A staring contest now ensues I need an edge, but quietly I … Continue reading

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I’ve often wondered about animals; their thoughts, their motivations – fears, interests, communication, family, community. I wonder if they think like humans. I wonder if their nature is arbitrary, or structured. With such a likeness to humans in terms of … Continue reading

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“Reversal” “Legends speak of a fountain, a fountain that grants any wish verbally spoken for the small price of a single coin. Quarters, pennies, nickels and dimes all equally work. The fountain does not distinguish between those who have the … Continue reading

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An Hour-Long Prayer

After days of feeling worthless, useless, weary and broken – after feeling insignificant amidst the size of even just the world, or the complexity of basic cells, even to my limited understanding of grand-scale events like the universe, and even … Continue reading

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