About Me

Hello all visitors! I am a college student attending Florida State University and I love to write in my spare time. I created this blog to share my story with the world, and others’ stories as well. Many works on this page are a combination of non-fiction and fiction, using specific characters of those I’ve met in my walk around the world, while others are completely fiction. My philosophy for literature is that every story is worth telling, but it’s the Author’s discretion for what to include.


“The Girl Who Played With Fire,” “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” “Harry Potter” Series, “Wuthering Heights,” “1984,” “The Inheritance Cycle,” “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy, “The Great Gatsby,” “Shakespeare,” “Canturbury Tales,” “Frankenstein,” “Ethan Frome,” “Lord of the Flies.”


Each of these novels have affected my writing in some way; I hold them all dear to my heart. I hope you get something out of every story you read, but most of all, simply enjoy the content here.

– Jason Derfuss

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